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For weddings, we like to work directly with you, face to face, and together create what you envision for your perfect wedding day. We bring back-up equipment with us to every event, are fully insured, arrive 2 hours early, and do not drink – to name a few things.


Some of our clients point out a couple of key songs and have us handle the rest. Others are more hands-on, and prefer to add more input about songs, announcements, etc…


A couple of basics… yes, we take requests, and also adhere to your “do not play list.” Based on our client meetings, we play what you have requested. For making announcements, we first check-in with all pertinent people in charge such as your photographer, caterer, and videographer. By doing this, it guarantees we’re all on the same page, and there are no surprises. We look to be team players with the goal of pulling off the best day ever… working with everyone involved.


The light needs to be on you, and not on us. It is not our place to be the center of attention musically or on the microphone hamming it up. Everything will be carried out as desired… lighting, volume, microphone work, flow of events, and yes, the music too!


We can provide sound and microphones for your ceremony, music, lighting, and announcements for your reception, and even do an after-party if so desired.


My question to you… “how great can you imagine things being, and how can we make that vision become a reality.”


  • Meet & work directly with your DJ

  • Music selection will be individualized to reflect YOUR wedding

  • Wireless Mics for ceremony & reception

  • Non cookie-cutter approach

  • No hidden rates or set up/break down or travel fees

  • Uplighting provided for free

  • Insured with back-up equipment

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