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For school dances, it is a balance between representing what the student body wants by playing appropriately requested songs, while respecting the staff and age group at the dance.


Generally speaking, we keep it more interactive for elementary & middle schools… teaching dances and keeping the crowd participating by encouraging the students to sing a long, and move to the beat. Among each grade level represented, there’s a big difference in what we play and how we interact on the microphone.


At a high school dance you’ll see more of a focus on the music and less emphasis on interaction. We’ll make announcements, and hype the crowd as needed. The music and mixing of it carries the crowd. For high schools we can design an exquisite homecoming, winter ball or prom… complete with a club quality sound system for up to 2,000 people, and high-end lighting effects. The music will be what you do or do not want to hear, and again, we aim to make sure everyone is represented musically and not left out. It’s GUARANTEED, you’ll not have a cheesy D.J.


It can be a real bummer to go out to a dance and not hear your favorite song or style of music. Once again, we do our best to make sure everyone has a great time.


Also, we like to work-in any songs that are specific to the school, sports teams, or Junior/Senior Class, or crowning of the King/Queen.


  • Meet & work directly with your DJ

  • Music selection will be individualized to reflect YOUR event

  • Music selection will be appropriate for age group

  • Uplighting provided for free

  • Insured with back-up equipment

  • Wireless Mics provided

  • No hidden rates or fees

  • Can do themed events

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